What is window casing? Installing Window Trim (DIY) 

installing window trim

If you’re a homeowner looking to update your interior decor, window casings tend to be one of the top areas for redesign. With multiple options for materials, patterns, sizes, and colors, creating window casing lets you add a personal touch to your home without a massive remodel. The seeming simplicity of window casing replacement also […]

The Top 8 Ways to Let More Natural Light into Your Home in Seattle, Everett

Natural light has other benefits as well. Homes that are suffused with a light feel more spacious and relaxing. Natural light deters mold and mildew growth and can reduce utility spending on electricity and heating. Homes with better lighting also tend to have better resale value. So whether you’re getting ready to embrace the changing […]

Replacement Windows Benefit Everett Homeowners Year Round

replacement windows in everett

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home There’s a lot of talk these days about being energy efficient. There are many good reasons to improve your home’s energy efficiency, not the least of which is that an energy efficient home can save you money. Energy efficiency can do more than just save you […]

Are Replacement Windows a Good Investment?

When it comes to home renovation, not all projects are created equal. The financially-savvy homeowner, when considering remodels or renovations, is probably asking a few pointed questions: If the answer to all three is a resounding yes, then you’ve probably hit upon the home renovation jackpot. When replacing windows, expect a handsome return on your investment. […]

Upgrade Your Home’s Security with Aluminum Window Replacement

Many people forget about their windows when thinking about home security. Windows are vulnerable entry points for burglars, and outdated or flimsy windows can compromise the safety of your home. Consider aluminum window replacement if you want to enhance your home’s security. Aluminum windows offer a range of benefits that improve security, energy efficiency, and […]

Enhancing Your Home’s Aesthetics: The Importance of Wood Door Installation

When it comes to creating a stunning visual impact, every detail matters, especially when it comes to your home’s exterior. One aspect that often gets overlooked is the importance of wood door installation. The front door is not only the gateway to your home; it’s also an opportunity to make a statement and enhance your […]

The Modern Touch: Why Glass Doors Are a Must-Have in Contemporary Homes

In contemporary home design, glass doors have become a defining element, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any living space. Their sleek and minimalist appeal has made them a sought-after feature among homeowners and interior designers. But what about glass doors make them such a must-have in modern homes?  Open Up The Space: […]

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